Automating the creation of APIs in Kong

  • Validation of Open API and Swagger definitions
  • Importing APIs into Kong using good practices
  • Support for json and yaml formats
  • Provisioning Kong plugins (enable API Security, monitoring, etc.)
  • Supports variable interpolation to contemplate url from different environments, for example: dev, hom, prd, etc.

Using the Tool

  1. Docker installed
  2. Kong API Gateway in operation
  3. Konga up and running, to easily check the imported API

Validating the Open API / Swagger

  1. Obtain an Open API, for example, petstore-v3.0.yaml
  2. Remove the openapi (first) element for test purpose
  3. Run Open API validation:

Importing Open API / Swagger into Kong

  1. Importing petstore-v3.0.yaml
Services definitions
Routes definitions

Importing Open API / Swagger into Kong with Plugins

  1. Define prometheus plugin for all the petstore routes (.*)
Route definition with plugin


  • Pipeline Integration: With steps contract validation and automatic import into API Gateway in environments, on every git commit
  • API Security: Authorization and authentication with OAuth2 and Keycloak through plugins, ensuring the security of the APIs in the delivery pipeline
  • Improved API governance with OPA (Open Policy Agent) and Spectral, enforcing Open API Specification with custom validations



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