Apesar de muitas aplicações e serviços se comunicarem através de HTTP, há algum tempo é possível notar o crescimento do uso do protocolo gRPC, principalmente em casos onde a eficiência e desempenho são críticos para uma aplicação ou serviço.

Mas toda esta eficiência pode ser comprometida ao deixar de implementar…

Today we will try to explain one of the options of Confluent Kafka’s authentication mechanisms, the SASL OAuthBearer authentication with ACLs for authorization.

Confluent Kafka Security

In the Confluent Kafka default installation there is no encryption, authentication, or authorization configured. All the components communicate freely in plain text with any topic. This can…

Kubernetes Logo

Kubernetes have some of the most active open source communities, and it is not new that has been consolidated as the standard for containers orchestration. For these and several other reasons, it is essential to know the core components of Kubernetes and their interactions. …

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